Professor Harry Blagg

Professor of Criminology and Associate Dean (Research),
UWA Law School

Harry has a national and international reputation as a leading criminologist specialising in Indigenous people and criminal justice, young people and crime, family and domestic violence, crime prevention, diversionary strategies, policing and restorative justice. He has over 20 years experience in conducting high level research with Aboriginal people across Australia (including urban, rural and remote locations) on justice related issues.  Over the last 6 years he has developed a specific focus on remote communities – particularly in the Kimberly Region of WA and the Northern Territory - and has been involved in research, consultancy and policy development around community justice, night patrols, men and women’s safe places, youth justice and family violence. He is Professor of Criminology and Associate Dean (Research) in the Law School UWA. He currently leads Category 1 research projects on Night Patrols and Policy, Indigenous Family Violence and FASD and Diversion.

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