Kieran Wong

Design Director,

Kieran is a co-founder and Design Director of CODA, a multidisciplinary practice that works across architecture, urban design and strategic place planning, community infrastructure, affordable housing, interior design, urban research and policy. Kieran’s work is underpinned by his belief that design matters. He believes in the ability of good design to influence positive outcomes, not just for individuals, but for the wider community.

Since 1997 CODA has delivered a portfolio of award-winning projects that have led it to be recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative design practices. Under Kieran’s design leadership, CODA has been awarded by the Australian Institute of Architects across commercial, public, urban design, interiors, education and residential categories, as well as winning the Australian Award for Urban Design, and an International Award for Public Participation for their work in community led design processes. CODA’s work has been published internationally, and he has been an invited and keynote speaker at design, planning, architecture and urbanism conferences across Australia.

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