Mel Thomas

Lecturer/Law Coordinator,
UWA School of Indigenous Studies

Mel Thomas graduated from The University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Arts (History) and a Bachelor of Laws in 1996.In August 1999, Mel was appointed to The University of Western Australia as Associate Lecturer in the School of Indigenous Studies as tutor for Aboriginal law students. Now tenured at the School, Mel has also taken on other responsibilities, such as the Co-ordination of the Aboriginal Pre-Law Programme and is the School’s Associate Dean of Research. Since 2000, Mel has taught two units on politics and law in the Aboriginal Orientation Course. Many students who have undertaken these units have gone on to succeed in Pre-law and Law degree studies. Mel completed his Master of Laws Dissertation on the history and theory of International Law in 2001 where he argued that only human rights rather than state sovereignty would provide international law with an authoritative and intellectually coherent foundation. Since competing his masters thesis Mel has published papers on the experiences of Indigenous law students at UWA as well as the need for Australian legal academies to include Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in undergraduate law degree courses.

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