Laura Berry

Chief Executive Officer,
Supply Nation

Laura was appointed CEO of Supply Nation in May 2015, having been involved with the organisation since its inception through her work with two founding member companies, Leighton Holdings and Qantas Airways.

Laura has two decades of experience in stakeholder management, risk mitigation and reputation management with a career that has spanned the private and public sectors, including Federal and State Politics, Public Affairs and roles with top ASX Listed companies

Laura joined Supply Nation following four years at Qantas where she led the Qantas Group’s Corporate Community Investment Program encompassing the Qantas Reconciliation Program, Qantas Foundation, Indigenous and Community Partnerships, Workplace Giving, National Arts Sponsorships and the Qantas Brand Ambassadors Program.

Laura is currently the Chairperson of CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program, a Director of Indigenous Business Australia's Indigenous Tourism Asset Management Division, and a former director of Supply Nation and Engineering Aid Australia.  Laura holds a Graduate Certificate in Management from the University of Technology, Sydney and is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Laura proudly identifies with her Aboriginal and Italian heritage and was born and raised in Canberra.

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