Tony Shaw: Igniting the Indigenous Economy

November 22, 2016

We are lucky to have Tony Shaw presenting at IBECC16, Managing Director and CEO of Indigenous Services Australia. He is a leading national Aboriginal speaker who was born on the native reserve in Laverton, Western Australia. Watch his introduction and welcome here

In Tony's words:

“I’m looking forward to the IBECC conference – I think it will be a great opportunity to share with others how it is that we as Aboriginal people can actually showcase our abilities and not to be ashamed of who and what we are. We have just as much ability as anybody else to be the best we possibly can."

Tony has a strong belief that we must listen to the voices of elders who can offer deep wisdom and information on business and enterprise - and IBECC gives us the opportunity to do just this.

In the last few years, Tony has been pivotal on various Native Title Agreements resulting in excess of $70m to Traditional Custodians. His insights will be a fantastic addition to our lineup of over 100 speakers for IBECC16.

Check out Indigenous Services Australia here.

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