How do you communicate with Indigenous millenials?

November 1, 2016

On Monday 31 October Mikaela Jade, CEO and Founder of Indigital and April Long, General Manager Enterprises and Programs at The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) joined Director of the Centre for Social Impact UWA Paul Flatau on RTR FM to talk about communicating with Indigenous millenials and the role of the digital economy for Indigenous Australians. Both Mikaela and April speak at IBECC on this topic - see Program for more details.


Mikaela Jade explains how she discovered her Indigenous heritage at the age of 29, after five years of investigating. She had already worked alongside Indigenous communities in her work for many years and was told, particularly by the women, that they identified her as Indigenous. This happened too often to be considered a conicidence so Mikaela thought it was worth investigating. Now Mikaela works on digital projects as CEO and Founder of Indigital.

The latest project is Digital Rangers, an app that allows users to learn the stories of places of significance, such as rock art sites or specific natural formations, by pointing their phones at the sites.  In some cases, the app would use augmented reality technology to produce sound, images or holograms of elders telling a story. The app will be available in many languages, to enhance the experience of tourists hoping to learn more about Aboriginal culture. To make this happen, a special algorithm was created to allow the app to be triggered in remote areas without the internet. Read more:

April Long works to inspire the next generation of Indigenous Australians to continue to create and innovate, as people like Mikaela have done. The The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence formed the IDX Initiative in partnership with Telstra Foundation, which seeks to answer the question: "How might Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples leverage digital technologies to increase their own, and their community’s, wellbeing?"

The inaugural IDX Awards will take place in 2017. Read more:

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