Eastern Reporter: Mark Griffin on the Success of Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sport

November 29, 2016

"MAYLANDS Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sport programs manager Mark Griffin says he hopes to deliver the success stories of Nyoongar people at his first appearance at the Indigenous Business, Enterprise and Corporations Conference (IBECC).

Mr Griffin (37) has worked in the Nyoongar community for 17 years.

He is among more than 100 speakers at the UWA event and said his presentation would be based on Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sport school-based Youth Achievers Club program.

“We utilise our staff who are inspirational Aboriginal role models, we use traditional indigenous games and sports and we also do leadership and personal development activities,” he said.

“Some outcomes are education specific such as improving attendance, engagement and academic perfor- mance and others are around health and well-being, cultural pride, physical health and fitness and emotional relation is a big one.”"


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